We love customizing! Whether you love a design you saw on the shop but the item itself didn't seem quite right, or you have a totally new idea - let's make it happen! Choose from a selection of our hand-picked vintage pieces or request your own- we can shop for what you have in mind & customize it however you desire. Read on to find out more.


"The clothing we choose to adorn ourselves in have incredible power... It isn't just fashion: it anchors you to the deepest parts of yourself, connecting to your dreams, goals, and to the core of who you really are." 
            - The Rituals by Natalie MacNeil

Step 1

Choose or Request
Your Item

We always have a variety of blank vintage and thrifted items that are ready to be customized. Select your favorite here or fill out the form below to request a specific type of item. We will shop for it and once you approve, we'll start customizing!

Step 2

Choose Your Design
AND Color

Our hand-carved textile designs are all available to use on whichever item you choose. You can decide where on the item you'd like the pattern printed, and which color it will be. 

Step 3

Add Custom Details

Want your own logo painted on the lapel of your jacket, or along the back like a jersey? We can even add unique SpiralEyez designs to your custom item to enhance the printed textile. This step typically comes with an additional fee. The possibilities are endless!  

Choose from our hand-carved textile designs

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